6 – 12 Austin Crescent & 19 Omaha Street, Belfield

Barry Rush and Associates was commissioned by Housing NSW to design and document this dual occupancy and villa townhouse redevelopment at Belfield. Consolidation of a number of blocks on Austin Crescent plus another two to the rear on Omaha Street was required in order to maximise the yield of the sites. In a neighbourhood which primarily houses modest one storey detached cottages, care was required to ensure that the development was sensitive to the scale and feel of the locality whilst still attaining the increase in density required by the brief. The project was part of the Federal Governments National Building Economic Stimulus Plan (ESP).

The development houses a combination of 12 detached and semidetached dwellings of various sizes including 1 x one bedroom, 7 x two bedroom (4 of which are adaptable) 2 x three bedroom and 2 x four bedroom homes. Each dwelling is provided with covered parking and garden sheds and the majority enjoys direct street access. Ecologically Sustainable Design principles have been applied with the installation of solar panels and gas boosted solar hot water to each unit. Stormwater is detained and reticulated on site and passive solar design is implemented via the extensive use of north facing highlight windows and sun shading devices throughout the development.

The diverse accommodation types required is reflected in a built form that is varied yet cohesive. The dwellings are visually tied through a shared stock of cladding materials such as face brick, mini orb and louvred screens and utilises repetition of contemporary shapes and textures. The building design generally pursued an architectural expression which would be light, striking and colourful but still produce homes of an inviting appearance and comfortable residential scale. This direction resulted in a revitalisation of the neighbourhood and promotes a fresh perception of what an acceptable standard for social housing should be.

Belfield - Austin Crescent

Belfield - Austin Crescent, Terraces

Belfield - Austin Crescent, Terraces